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XMBAG sales team participated in Alibaba Orange Competition Mar 20, 2022

In March 2022, XMBAG sales team participated in Alibaba Orange Competition in Xiamen. A total of 50 enterprises participated in the competition, which is divided into 4 group and each group had 12 enterprises. This competition’s mission is to promoting the team building of sales team for more cohesive.The 4 groups from 50 enterprises need to battle their sales performance to stimulate and improve the performance objectives of the overall business sales to achieve the sales target of 2022.

Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG)

Under the leadership of our administrative manager Mr. Xiong, each of us has obtained a massive learning experience. After a month of hard work, our company won the highest rewards “ACE TEAM” of this competition. And our monthly sales were over 5 million RMB in this month.

Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG)

Meanwhile, our sales girls also won many personal rewards. Lynn and Alice won “The Flash Sales”, which means the quickest order during this competition. Additionally, Wendy and Shelly won the” SALES OF MILLIONAIRE “, which is the amount of orders are over millions of RMB.

Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG) Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG)

Our sales girls have some inpression of this competition:

“I am fortunate to receive "The Flash Sale" in this competition. The reward given to me in this time is not only a medal, but more importantly, it has given me endless spiritual strength. This force will urge me to struggle and work hard. I know that beauty is only the appearance, what matters is the inner abundance. Every client’s order will help me become better. Thank you for your trust and support. In the next time, we will work together to get better and better.”

-------From Lynn Liu

I‘m indeed elated that I got the honor of “SALES OF MILLIONAIRE “. I am very exciting. I tell myself that I needed to continue doing what I can do, and one day I could do better than a Million Heroes hopefully. At XMBAG, Our mission has remained the same: to offer the service better than the competition and satisfy our customers. And this is also my goal.

-------From Shelly Su

Being elected as "The Flash" is only the starting point of progress. It will be the supervision and strength in my future work. I am grateful for the spiritual inspiration and nourishment brought by this Ali event.

-------From Alice Zhang

This Orange Competition in March was tiring and happy. The seniors have taught me a lot for developing customers more effectively, communicating with customers about product issues more smoothly in this month. All in all, I have learned a lot. Finally, I was very happy that our company won the first place in this battle.

-------From Mary Zou

We hope this achievement not only improves our morale, but also inspires our sales team to work hard and push ourselves ahead in the future.

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