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XMBAG obtained financing assistance from PSBC May 31, 2022

As a company that produces professional bags related to outdoor sports, camping and tourism, its products are exported to more than ninety countries and regions in Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. At the beginning of April in this year, XMBAG suddenly received an urgent order from a Germany customer. The buyer wanted to customize more than 20,000 outdoor bags, which would be delivered at the end of May. This was not a small order for the XMBAG. The development opportunity was at present. We had encountered difficulties: the delivery time was very urgent, raw materials needed to be purchased in time, and financing was required.

Comprehend the needs of XMBAG, the staff from the Postal Savings Bank provided help at the first time. Within one day, this credit fund was released and used for product research & development and the purchase of accessories such as outer cloth, lining cloth, zipper and webbing. At present, more than 20,000 outdoor bags had been produced and would be delivered immediately. This is a true portrayal of XMBAG getting help from the Postal Savings Bank's enterprise assistance policy.

Xiang, The president of XMBAG, gave a interview on obtaining financing assistance from PSBC

During the COVID-19, the sea transportation was blocked, and the freight transportation was difficult, which caused difficulty of the withdraw funds. As a responsible enterprise, XMBAG needs to pay the employees' wages and the suppliers' payments on time, causing temporary financial difficulties. XMBAG, as an excellent representative of small and medium-sized enterprises in Xiamen, can always get the financing help from the Postal Savings Bank of Xiamen at the first time, which greatly reduces the financing cost and the operation risk of the enterprise.

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