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XMBAG conducted a fire drill Jul 01, 2022

XMBAG carried out the "Safety Production Month" activity and held firefighting and emergency evacuation drills in the factory area to test the ability of various departments to cooperate in emergency firefighting, accumulate practical experience, and comprehensively enhance employees' awareness of firefighting, evacuation and self-protection. Create a good environment for safety production.


Xiang, the general manager of XMBAG and the former fire chief, explained the precautions for fire drills to employees


The drill was based on the background that the seven-story brick-concrete building of the office building ignited combustibles due to a short circuit of the indoor lighting lines, and the fire directly threatened the life safety of the employees in the office building. More than 50 employees were dispatched to participate in the drill. There were four drills in total: alarm and cordon setting, fire escape and self-rescue, initial fire fighting and fire extinguisher usage, and fire rescue.


Employees learned to use fire equipment properly


The company's firefighting emergency evacuation drill plan was carefully formulated and the preparations were sufficient. Each emergency team actively cooperated according to the division of responsibilities. The drill site was orderly and close to actual combat. The vivid fire safety education class had enabled the majority of employees to have a higher cognition and a deeper understanding of the importance of fire safety, the hazard of fire and the knowledge of fire prevention and fire fighting, and effectively played a leading role in drills and demonstrations.


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