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Welcome new employees Feb 28, 2022

"Hello, I'm Luna" "welcome to XMBAG!" A group of people who have never met, came across in this summer as expected, from raw dialogue to talk cheerfully and humorously, only in a little while.

Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG)

In order to enable new employees to quickly integrate into the enterprise, the company's leaders attached great importance to it, and formulated a scientifically detailed pre-job training scheme. Specially preparing a "dream gift bag" for new employees, involving various professional knowledge lectures, welcome meetings, series of sports competitions and other aspects.

Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG)

New employees have said that through the "first lesson", we will practice our original mission, integrate into the project and adapt to the project as soon as possible, maintaining a serious, responsible and dedicated attitude in our future work, and quickly realize the transformation from a graduate to a project employee.

To get ready for battle for a better start, new employees will go to different jobs after training. May you always maintain this enthusiasm to write youth with struggle. After that, the road to strengthening enterprises, we are together.

Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG)

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