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XMBAG volunteer service team charged at the front line against COVID-19 Sep 23, 2021

"Please show me your registration code, wear mask and line up in order. Take your time and don't worry." In recent days, members of Xiamen XMBAG volunteer service team were all over Binhai community of Xike Street.

Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG)

After the outbreak, Xiamen XMBAG volunteer service team participated in volunteer service at the first moment to support the order maintenance and information entry at the nucleic acid test point. Recalling the first day of work, Xiang, the leader of Xiamen XMBAG volunteer service team, remembered vividly: "it was very hot at that day. Residents were generally anxious, and many people didn't know how to fill in the pre-registration information, thus the progress of on-site work was relatively slow. Seeing this scene, we had to rush back to the organization to take the inventory umbrella and distribute them to the citizens for shading, and then guide them to fill in the information."

Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG)

Since the nucleic acid test point of COVID-19 in Tong'an District was opened, Xiang has been leading the team members to fight in the front line without stopping. With the advance of nucleic acid sampling round by round and the gradual enrichment of epidemic prevention materials, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is also improving. "If we stick to it, we can see the dawn of the victory of the epidemic war!" Xiang said.

Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG) Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd (XMBAG)

Today, Xiamen XMBAG volunteer service team has more than 30 volunteers serving the front line. Based on the needs of the epidemic prevention and control situation, they changed from unified operation to group operation - report to the nearby village (neighborhood) to carry out the anti epidemic work. " People are not in the same place, but our hearts are closely linked. Many volunteers focus on their work and even forget to eat and rest in the volunteer service group. Returning to the fight against the epidemic itself is the original intention of our volunteer service." Xiang said.

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