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  • Phone Pouch Can Help Track Your Steps More Accurately Sep 13 , 2022
    Millions of people use the pedometer on their cell phone to track their daily steps but when they set down their phone throughout the day, they don't get an accurate count. Not everyone has (or wants) a wearable fitness-tracker and even if they do have one, many people don't want to wear it on their wrist all the time. But chances are most people do try to keep their cell phone with them throughout the day because it's indispensable. Your phone is quite literally your lifeline to your professional, personal and online world. With XMBAG Phone Pouch tucked over any snug, sturdy waistband, you can carry your phone hands-free secure on your hip as you move about your day. Keeping your phone on you not only ensures you don't miss that important phone call or time-sensitive text, it provides a much more accurate read on your steps, your flights of stairs, the overall timing of when you were on the move and when you were sedentary too long. The built-in pedometer on your phone is just another...
  • Make your healthy life more convenient with XMBAG. Sep 06 , 2022
    Nothing is more annoying than having your cables all tangled up. We have cables for everything - phones, headphones, computers. It's the digital times now, and you need a way to organize your cables.     The old way (which many people still do) is to throw your electronic cables in your bag, but this always leads to future frustration. Instead, wouldn't it be better to have a spot dedicated to your electronics?  This is why we created the Portable Travel Electronics Organizers. We know the frustrations more than anyone, which is why we created this product! The organizer has double layer compartment, enough roomy to hold various items like cables, flash disk, USB drive, power, headphone and etc.. And the organizer is water repellent— no need to worry about water damage anymore.     After you get this, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. It will make all your travels much more convenient. The perfect product organizer for daily use and travel.
  • How to choose the laptop bag for life Aug 29 , 2022
        We've come a long way from desktop computers that tethered us to one place. Laptops offer instant portability, we all know that laptops are an integral part of our lives, and now it's often great that anywhere can be your office as long as you take it with you. Even when traveling, we carry our laptops with us most of the time. Without a doubt, Office Business Work Laptop Backpack is the best source for making the most of travel time, keeping tabs on new deals, tech news, and even watching your favorite movies. But while enjoying the benefits of owning a laptop, it's also important to stay safe on the go. And it's hard without a safe and best backpack.     Laptop bags help you transport your laptop safely and comfortably if you choose the right laptop. You need to protect your laptop just like your back and shoulders. More padding means more protection, but that can come at the cost of added bulk. The functionality of the laptop bag is also a concern, ...
  • Animal Adventure Yoga for Kids Aug 24 , 2022
    1. Calming/Setting Our intentions Have them start in a comfortable cross-legged position on the floor, with their eyes closed.  Tell them to breathe through their noses as if they are smelling flowers. Ask them to notice how their breath moves in and out of their bodies.  Have them place their hands on their bellies to feel how it is rising and falling with each breath.  Ask them to repeat, “I am calm and peaceful” as they inhale and “it feels good” as they exhale.  Do this for 5-10 breaths, while they calm down (hopefully!) and relax.  This breathing exercise and affirmation is something that you can later encourage them to do at any point during their day.   2. Cat pose Our adventure starts with an animal many of us see around our neighborhoods.  Come to all fours and press your paws into the floor.  Tuck your chin into your chest and look towards your belly. Now meow like your favorite kitty!   3.Cow pose Our next ...
  • Teaching Children to Value Themselves through Yoga Aug 15 , 2022
    Yoga is a holistic approach to physical fitness and stress reduction. The beauty of yoga for children is that through a combination of playful poses, integrated with mindfulness affirmations and breathing techniques, it can provide a moment of joyful pause during the chaos of school, music lessons, sports practices and socializing with friends. If done thoughtfully, yoga will engage both a child’s body and mind, offering them multidisciplinary tools that cross over many learning styles. Through introducing children to their own inner resources in a lighthearted way, like self-soothing, centering, strength and flexibility, yoga can help them create a safe space to learn more about themselves, both physically and spiritually. Ultimately, the goal is to give them tools to help navigate their lives on a daily basis. Now, all of this talk of mind-body connection and the benefits of yoga is great, but at this point you might be asking yourself, how can I make yoga accessible to my chil...
  • Choose The stylish laptop backpack for life Aug 08 , 2022
    Laptop bags are a special form of backpack designed to carry laptops and other mobility aids such as tablets and e-readers. If you want to take your laptop out of the house, chances are you need a laptop backpack. Whether you're heading out to work from a coffee shop, working in another city, or studying with friends, you need a laptop bag. Because they are so versatile, they are one of the best investments you can make. We use our laptops for work, to stay connected and up to date, so it makes sense to protect them.   We spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on laptops and other electronic devices. Ensuring they are protected in transit is a breeze. Travel laptop backpacks can help you feel more comfortable on your commute and help you organize small accessories like chargers and glasses. Laptop backpacks not only protect your laptop from dust particles and scratches but also provide enough space to store and organize laptop accessories and documents. There are al...
  • The toiletry bag makes travel easier Aug 02 , 2022
     You probably have a toiletry kit. But do you have the best travel toiletry bag? Are you satisfied with your toiletry bag? Or just a random bag that you use as a toiletry bag. The pandemic may have put most of your travel plans on hold, but if you're the type who spends a good portion of the family's year looking for the coolest places, the hippest hotels, and business people who travel a lot, then you might want to invest in a top-of-the-line toiletry kit. Sure, it's possible to store your essential beauty, skincare, and hygiene products, but more importantly, it's a mobile home that fits your entire beauty regimen.  Whether you're taking a short weekend or a longer self-reflection sabbatical, you'll be amazed at how different your travel experience can be by carrying all your beauty products with the best toiletry kit. Not only does it allow you to organize this outfit and keep it separate from other clothing items, but it also looks more grown-up than a regular bag. They a...
  • How to choose the best cosmetic organizers? Jul 29 , 2022
    Once everything you don't need is gone, it's time to consider buying a cozy makeup bag. Cosmetic bags come in different shapes and sizes. They are also made using different materials. So, when it comes to choosing the right bag, it all depends on how you're going to use it and how often. Vanity boxes come in all shapes and sizes. The Makeup Train Case is a makeup case with various compartments to help you organize your makeup essentials on the go. The vanity case protects your makeup essentials from dust and keeps them handy. The vanity case is portable and you can take it with you when traveling. Packing is one of the most stressful parts of traveling, but finding the right bag for your toiletries and makeup can make the process smoother. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or have a lot of makeup, the vanity case is the ideal choice for you. Many vanity cases have enough capacity to hold a variety of cosmetic essentials. A travel cosmetics case might be enough for a day or t...
  • How to clean and maintain your handbags? Jul 25 , 2022
    The fabrics of cloth bags are usually canvas, denim and cotton and the lining is often nylon and cotton. In general, cloth bags can be cleaned by dry cleaning or washing. The bags that have more stripes and bright colors must be dry-cleaned, or they will fade. The dirty cloth bags can be washed with clean water with a small amount of detergent. Then brushing back and forth gently with a small hair brush. The general cloth bags can be cleaned with a small hair brush to remove the dust. Sometimes, we can use an iron to iron them and make them keep shape and beauty.     Canvas and Cotton bags Let them soak for 15 minutes in the salt water and then brush them with soap and a soft brush. We’d better wash them with low-temperature water, dry them from reverse side and iron in moderate temperature. Here we have to note that leather products cannot be soaked in solution or exposed to sun. Taking the removable decorations away before washing.   Leather bags These bags are m...
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