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Teaching Children to Value Themselves through Yoga Aug 15 , 2022

Children's Yoga Teaching

Yoga is a holistic approach to physical fitness and stress reduction. The beauty of yoga for children is that through a combination of playful poses, integrated with mindfulness affirmations and breathing techniques, it can provide a moment of joyful pause during the chaos of school, music lessons, sports practices and socializing with friends. If done thoughtfully, yoga will engage both a child’s body and mind, offering them multidisciplinary tools that cross over many learning styles. Through introducing children to their own inner resources in a lighthearted way, like self-soothing, centering, strength and flexibility, yoga can help them create a safe space to learn more about themselves, both physically and spiritually. Ultimately, the goal is to give them tools to help navigate their lives on a daily basis.

Now, all of this talk of mind-body connection and the benefits of yoga is great, but at this point you might be asking yourself, how can I make yoga accessible to my children, when many adults aren’t even comfortable with the idea of entering a yoga studio? Here are some helpful suggestions by a fun exercise in yoga and mindful affirmations:


  • Make sure that you choose a space where your child feels comfortable.

The beauty of yoga is that it is entirely portable. You do not have to practice in a yoga studio or a gym, you can do it almost anywhere!  However, as many of us know, children can be lively and do better with some space to move around and express themselves. This can be in their bedrooms, your living room, the playground or just about anywhere you can find some room. If at all possible, it should also be in a place where they feel safe and is part of their normal routine.


  • Keep it simple.

When introducing new concepts to your children, it is helpful to not bog them down with too many abstract concepts that will likely go over their heads. Stay within their age-appropriate realm of knowledge and comfort.


  • Tell it in a story and make it fun!

Make it easier for the little ones to follow along, by engaging them in a story that encourages affirmations and threads the poses together in a way that makes sense to them. Imaginative play, problem solving, cooperative activities and songs have always worked well for me. If you can weave the poses and affirmations into a tale that they are familiar with, even better!

To help get you started on the path to introducing your little ones to the benefits of a regular yoga and mindful affirmation practice, here is a sequence that my sons love. Depending on their age and experience, you can also pick fewer poses as you begin your exploration.


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