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  • Do you need a waterproof backpack for the trip? Jun 09 , 2022
    You’re planning your next trip somewhere rainy like London or Southeast Asia. You’ll have your laptop with you so you don’t want to risk getting anything wet.     Do you need a waterproof backpack for the trip? Or is a water-resistant travel backpack enough? A water-resistant backpack might only keep your stuff dry in a drizzle or might perform well in a downpour. To understand where a backpack falls in that spectrum, check for two main factors: zippers and fabric. If you see coated zippers on a backpack, that’s a clue your bag will perform well in light rain. Coated zippers keep water out of the bag in one of the most vulnerable places, since zippers are full of gaps holes. For an example, we use PU-coated racquet coil zippers on our backpacks. Fabric is more complicated. Some “water-resistant” fabrics are simply tightly-woven nylons with a durable water resistant (DWR) coating applied to the back. No matter how tightly you ...
  • How to sewing a Waterproof Bag? Jul 11 , 2022
    How to sewing a Waterproof Bag?   Choosing your fabric is half the fun. Once you're ready to cut and sew, follow these tips to keep your bag sturdy and spill-proof. To make a waterproof bag, first decide which layers you'd like to make resistant to water. Lining your bag with water-repellent or waterproof fabric will keep it secure from spills from food and drink, and dry and easy to clean if you're carrying damp objects. Using these specialty fabrics on the outside will keep the contents dry if environmental factors are more of a concern, such as rain and snow.   Choosing the right fabric First, decide which fabric is right for you. The first thing to think about is drape and body. Let's say you've decided to make a spill-proof bag by choosing one these fabrics for the lining. Do you want your fabric to give your bag stiffness and stability? If so, using a stiff fabric like oilcloth for the lining will allow you to use a flimsier outer fabric and still have a bag with struct...
  • Choose The stylish laptop backpack for life Aug 08 , 2022
    Laptop bags are a special form of backpack designed to carry laptops and other mobility aids such as tablets and e-readers. If you want to take your laptop out of the house, chances are you need a laptop backpack. Whether you're heading out to work from a coffee shop, working in another city, or studying with friends, you need a laptop bag. Because they are so versatile, they are one of the best investments you can make. We use our laptops for work, to stay connected and up to date, so it makes sense to protect them.   We spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on laptops and other electronic devices. Ensuring they are protected in transit is a breeze. Travel laptop backpacks can help you feel more comfortable on your commute and help you organize small accessories like chargers and glasses. Laptop backpacks not only protect your laptop from dust particles and scratches but also provide enough space to store and organize laptop accessories and documents. There are al...
  • Teaching Children to Value Themselves through Yoga Aug 15 , 2022
    Yoga is a holistic approach to physical fitness and stress reduction. The beauty of yoga for children is that through a combination of playful poses, integrated with mindfulness affirmations and breathing techniques, it can provide a moment of joyful pause during the chaos of school, music lessons, sports practices and socializing with friends. If done thoughtfully, yoga will engage both a child’s body and mind, offering them multidisciplinary tools that cross over many learning styles. Through introducing children to their own inner resources in a lighthearted way, like self-soothing, centering, strength and flexibility, yoga can help them create a safe space to learn more about themselves, both physically and spiritually. Ultimately, the goal is to give them tools to help navigate their lives on a daily basis. Now, all of this talk of mind-body connection and the benefits of yoga is great, but at this point you might be asking yourself, how can I make yoga accessible to my chil...
  • Animal Adventure Yoga for Kids Aug 24 , 2022
    1. Calming/Setting Our intentions Have them start in a comfortable cross-legged position on the floor, with their eyes closed.  Tell them to breathe through their noses as if they are smelling flowers. Ask them to notice how their breath moves in and out of their bodies.  Have them place their hands on their bellies to feel how it is rising and falling with each breath.  Ask them to repeat, “I am calm and peaceful” as they inhale and “it feels good” as they exhale.  Do this for 5-10 breaths, while they calm down (hopefully!) and relax.  This breathing exercise and affirmation is something that you can later encourage them to do at any point during their day.   2. Cat pose Our adventure starts with an animal many of us see around our neighborhoods.  Come to all fours and press your paws into the floor.  Tuck your chin into your chest and look towards your belly. Now meow like your favorite kitty!   3.Cow pose Our next ...

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