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XMBAG organized nucleic acid testing for all employees Aug 16, 2022

nucleic acid testing for employees


In order to further prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the health and safety of employees, in accordance with the unified deployment requirements from the Tongan District Government of Xiamen City, XMBAG organized nucleic acid testing for all employees from August 12 to 16, 2022. All employees of the company participated in the nucleic acid test.

The health and safety of employees is the top priority. XMBAG deploys and arranges nucleic acid testing carefully, including arrangement the nucleic acid sampling site in a ventilated and tidy place, strictly controlling the number of people tested in each batch, and maintaining a certain distance to effectively avoid the risk brought by crowd gathering to ensure the inspection work efficient and orderly.

By carrying out the new coronavirus nucleic acid detection work for employees of XMBAG, asymptomatic patients with new coronavirus pneumonia can be found in time, so as to achieve early detection, early diagnosis, early isolation and early treatment, minimize the risk of infection of company personnel, and protect the lives of employees Safety, ensure that all production work is orderly and stable.

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