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XMBAG conducted joint security inspection Jul 25, 2022



In order to effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of safety production accidents and implement the main responsibility of the department, the XMBAG emergency management department continues to promote the standardization of enterprise safety production and has made great progress.

XMBAG had obtained the "Safety Production Standardization Certificate" supervised by the Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China since several years ago. This is an award from the emergency management department for the excellent achievements made by the enterprise in the field of safety production standardization construction.




Use safety production videos, safety accident cases and other publicity forms to alert employees, achieve the purpose of inspiring, educating and restraining them, and effectively improve employees' awareness of safety production accident prevention. Under the guidance of emergency management departments at all levels, the company has made every effort to promote the standardization of production safety this year, allowing all employees to participate in the activities of safety production risk identification and hidden danger investigation, thinking about how to ensure their own safety, and improve the intrinsic safety level of equipment and facilities at the same time.

Carrying out joint safety inspections regularly and tracking the completion of rectification has become one of XMBAG's normal work. The safety knowledge competitions were hold regularly and all-staff learning lottery exams were carried out to verify the learning effect, and then rewards were given to those with outstanding performance. The team leader also talked about safety, knowledge and requirements at the team meeting, so that every employee is always tight on the root of safe production "string".


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