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The Template of Canvas Tote Bag Design Oct 27, 2022

The purpose of the Tote Bag Design is to protect the goods in addition to the beautiful packaging and the attention of our customers. Nowadays, the trend of diversification of the form of handbags is obvious. A beautiful handbag is particularly critical for product promotion and corporate image display. It can help consumers identify and purchase and stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.


Canvas Tote Bag Design


What are the key points of tote bag design?


1. Consider the material of the handbag design
Generally, 157g or 200g coated paper is used as the paper material of the handbag. If you need to match with heavier packaging products, you can choose 300g coated paper or 300g or more cardboard printing. If coated paper or cardboard is used for printing, it generally needs to be coated or sub-filmed to increase its strength.

2. Do a good job of positioning the product before designing
Product positioning includes brand positioning, consumer object positioning and value positioning. It is necessary to start from the characteristics of the product itself and combine the nature of the product to make brand positioning.

3. Style design of handbag
The style design of the handbag includes the font, tone, picture, layout and other aspects of the handbag, and it needs a strong designer to coordinate the design. We have a team of professional and excellent designers who can design unique style handbags for customers.


Tote Bag Style Selection

Tote Bag Style Selection

Tote Bag LOGO Design


We can provide you OEM & ODM service. All kinds of tote bags can custom design for you!


Tote Bag Customized Design

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