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  • Do you need a waterproof backpack for the trip? Jun 09 , 2022
    You’re planning your next trip somewhere rainy like London or Southeast Asia. You’ll have your laptop with you so you don’t want to risk getting anything wet.     Do you need a waterproof backpack for the trip? Or is a water-resistant travel backpack enough? A water-resistant backpack might only keep your stuff dry in a drizzle or might perform well in a downpour. To understand where a backpack falls in that spectrum, check for two main factors: zippers and fabric. If you see coated zippers on a backpack, that’s a clue your bag will perform well in light rain. Coated zippers keep water out of the bag in one of the most vulnerable places, since zippers are full of gaps holes. For an example, we use PU-coated racquet coil zippers on our backpacks. Fabric is more complicated. Some “water-resistant” fabrics are simply tightly-woven nylons with a durable water resistant (DWR) coating applied to the back. No matter how tightly you ...
  • To choose a best delivery backpack Jun 10 , 2022
      The demand for delivery has never been so high. Support your delivery orders with the new XMBAG Delivery Backpack. Designed to protect your menu items from kitchen to customer, the Delivery Backpack is constructed with high-density insulation that maintains safe temperatures and food quality. The Delivery Backpack allows employees to comfortably and securely transport food while walking or biking to their destination. Durable, waterproof and easy to clean, the Delivery Backpack is essential for any delivery operation. The Delivery Backpack allows employees to walk or ride hands-free and provides the option of carrying additional items. Easily load and unload the Delivery Backpack by lifting the flap on the top. If employees are transporting different menu items, a divider can be secured with hook to safely and securely create separate sections within the backpack.      The Delivery Backpack is constructed with two buckles, plus a hook and loop fastener, ...
  • Choose The stylish laptop backpack for life Aug 08 , 2022
    Laptop bags are a special form of backpack designed to carry laptops and other mobility aids such as tablets and e-readers. If you want to take your laptop out of the house, chances are you need a laptop backpack. Whether you're heading out to work from a coffee shop, working in another city, or studying with friends, you need a laptop bag. Because they are so versatile, they are one of the best investments you can make. We use our laptops for work, to stay connected and up to date, so it makes sense to protect them.   We spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on laptops and other electronic devices. Ensuring they are protected in transit is a breeze. Travel laptop backpacks can help you feel more comfortable on your commute and help you organize small accessories like chargers and glasses. Laptop backpacks not only protect your laptop from dust particles and scratches but also provide enough space to store and organize laptop accessories and documents. There are al...
  • How to choose the laptop bag for life Aug 29 , 2022
        We've come a long way from desktop computers that tethered us to one place. Laptops offer instant portability, we all know that laptops are an integral part of our lives, and now it's often great that anywhere can be your office as long as you take it with you. Even when traveling, we carry our laptops with us most of the time. Without a doubt, Office Business Work Laptop Backpack is the best source for making the most of travel time, keeping tabs on new deals, tech news, and even watching your favorite movies. But while enjoying the benefits of owning a laptop, it's also important to stay safe on the go. And it's hard without a safe and best backpack.     Laptop bags help you transport your laptop safely and comfortably if you choose the right laptop. You need to protect your laptop just like your back and shoulders. More padding means more protection, but that can come at the cost of added bulk. The functionality of the laptop bag is also a concern, ...
  • How to choose the best meal prep bag for you? Sep 28 , 2022
    For many of fitness people, there is an eagerness for meal prep and consumption of our meals to be fun or at the very least entertaining. Adding your own style and personality to it helps this process along. This includes the food selection, preparation of those foods and the way you transport them. We chose to invest in a few meal prep bags because we knew you would get a great amount of use out of them, the increased ease that you could move with the meals, and you looked way more put together heading to work and various meetings each day. Meal prep bags come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and price points. However, they are not necessary. The first bag for you was a Meal Prep Cooler Tote Bag. It is an all in one, that could hold your work out clothes, shoes, water bottle, and a couple of meals. You can pack four meals in it and personal items such as a wallet, my planner, pens, phones on the side..no additional purse is necessary. You would like a multi-purpose cooler bag f...

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